Do Your Part

We are a grassroots group of residents of Renfrew.  It feels like a bit of an uphill battle, but with more people engaged we hope to be able, together, to make an impact and control the excessive change that is being proposed.


Sign the Petition to Give More Time for Engagement

For this plan to be successful we feel it is imperative that the City facilitate and demonstrate significant awareness, participation, and support of affected citizens.

Sign the petition to show that you support delaying the North Hill Local Area Plan!


Contact Council

This is an election year, so let City council know how you feel and if it might affect how you vote.

The link below will send you to the City website where you can email any or all of the councilors and the mayor too.  It's really pretty easy.  As things develop, we'll be updating this page with more things that you can do, so keep checking.