Do Your Part

We are a grassroots group of residents of Renfrew.  It feels like a bit of an uphill battle, but with more people engaged we hope to be able, together, to make an impact and control the excessive change that is being proposed.


Gian-Carlo On-site Discussion

Gian-Carlo Carra is hosting an on-site community discussion at the United Church.  

Please attend Wednesday, June 23rd on site at 6:00pm.

Renfrew Church.JPG

Horse Before the Cart

The North Hill Plan has not been approved, or voted on by council, yet a developer is already engaging the public and referencing the plan.  A shambolic meeting with the architecture firm involved, Keystone Architecture, was held on June 2nd.  There were many impassioned residents that spoke.

Based on this meeting, it’s our understanding that: 

  • They are, or hope to, apply for a land-use-redesignation to allow a six storey structure to be built on the site of the existing United Church in Renfrew (956 Radnor Ave NE)

  • The building is intended to be market value (not low income)

  • They intend to have a space usable for the community

  • The demolition date for the Church was not known


North Hill Communities Local Area Plan

The Guidebook for Great Communities was extremely controversial, so the City has altered it.  This 'final' version wasd made available to the public on June 1st with only 3 weeks before council votes on it.   The building scale map has some minor improvements for Renfrew, but unfortunately these changes were made without consultation with Renfrew residents, and are insufficient.

We have serious concerns that these changes do not meet the requirements of the Municipal Development Plan are plan to address this issue formally with the City.

Stay up to date by following what the City is up to and be prepared to write letters into the June 21st council meeting.