Street Protest

About the Renfrew Residents Association

We are a grassroots group of individuals residing in Renfrew. We decided to form this group as we felt our voices were not being heard through traditional methods. We felt it was time to come together and amplify the voices of stakeholders in our community that felt the same. With nowhere else to turn, the Renfrew Residents Association was born.

We are certainly not opposed to density; we chose Renfrew as our home for its character, it’s sense of community and pivotal to that is it’s diversity. We want to see it flourish and grow, all while preserving all that makes it great.

For us, that includes; plenty of green space, and a calm atmosphere just a stones throw from the hustle and bustle, and most of all, a sense of community and belonging.

Our focus is not on staying the same, but growing in an inclusive way that makes sense. Some of our focus for growing Renfrew includes;

  • Developing Main Streets First: this means revitalizing Edmonton Trail & 16 ave to becoming walkable shopping and entertainment spaces

  • Preserving Park & Green Spaces: providing walkable access to these spaces for new populations coming to the area while preserving their calm, open atmosphere

  • Developing the inner residential streets sensitively, with incremental increases in density through infills, row houses, townhouses, small condominiums, or mixed use buildings that are a maximum of 3 stories and informed by surrounding built form context

If your vision for Renfrew aligns with these types of principles that we are fighting for, please feel free to become a member on the home page and engage in some discussions with other like-minded neighbours in our great community!